P&G Argentina


P&G arrived in Argentina in 1991, with the acquisition of the international Shulton Limitada, allowing the production of deodorizing diapers and feminine towels.

Actually P&G is present in 9 out of 10 houses in Argentina with at least one of our brands. P&G is a leader in several categories: Hair Care, Fabric Care, Shave Care, Baby Care, through its leading brands such as Pantene, Gillette, Ariel and Pampers.

P&G Argentina is one of the fastest growing markets in the region and although is the one of the youngest subsidiary in the Region it has managed to be among the most important countries for P&G, bringing investments in different business units.

Over the 25 years of operation in Argentina, the company has invested over than 1,000 million dollars in the country. Recently, the company has reinforced the long-term investment plans (USD 50MM), promoting national industry an even more significant way.

P&G is committed with social and environmental sustainability of Argentina, improving the social conditions of those most in need by focusing on health, hygiene and comfortable homes. The company leads the creation of the United Way local subsidiary –Fundación Caminando Juntos- and it has social investment platforms with high impact such as CSDW, Born Learning, partnership with UNICEF and our program of Emergency Situations, among others. Also, the company continues working with specific goals for environmental protection and resource conservation. A clear example is the ZWTL initiative, launched in GO last year.

P&G Argentina is one of the leader companies in the rankings of Best Employers in the country and it is also one of the most admired in terms of reputation. At the last 3 years it is at the top 5 advertisers of the country.

Today Argentina is a center of Innovation, Talent and Diversity: we export talents to the region (more than 60 expatriates) and it is an example of gender diversity in our country that give us a big competitive advantage locally.