P&G Colombia


P&G appears in the Colombian market by the mid 50s, through a subsidiary in Cuba. Imported products were stored in Cali, but because of the explosion registered in 1956, P&G left Colombia and did not return, until Inextra acquisition.

A couple of years before, Industrias-Extractivas de Colombia, owned by Londoño family, found a soap formula when preparing a veterinary product to get rid of the fly larvae from the skin of cattle. Then, in 1962, the company managed by Londoño family merged with Compañía Unida de Jabones, to join efforts to import a new modern equipment to technify the traditional soap production system. This partnership leads to the foundation of Compañía Unida de Jabones Inextra S.A.

In 1987, P&G officially enters Colombia. Londoño family sold 75% of the shares to Procter & Gamble and the remaining 25% to the Gilinski family. Five years later, Gilinski group sold their total shares to Procter & Gamble giving total ownership of the plant production.

In 1992, Ariel is launched in Colombia followed by Pantene and Head & Shoulders. In 2007, Downy Libre Enjuague is launched and during the following three years Ace, Salvo and Febreze are launched.

In 2009, P&G Colombia received the Order of Merit by President Alvaro Uribe Velez in the category of Grand Officer for its contribution to the country.

In 2011, P&G Colombia opens its first national Distribution Center in Rionegro.