P&G Costa Rica


In 1999, P&G started operations in Costa Rica, establishing in San Jose one of its 2 Global Business Solutions hubs; the other one is in Manila.  This was a great gamble both for the Company and for Costa Ricans, as many didn’t know what P&G was. 

As innovation is in our DNA, we were the first company in the country to set up a shared services operation for our Global operations on a Free Trade Zone. When we came to Costa Rica there were less than 500 people working in the services area, and less than 3 companies in the sector. We brought HP and IBM to Costa Rica in order to outsource some of our most transactional services (payroll, IT support, etc.). Today there are over 40,000 people working in this sector and hundreds of companies in it.  

The constant evolution and the excellent results we delivered every year, allow us to become the Business Center for Transformation for all America. In 2013, P&G expands their operations and establish the Planning Service Center for Latin America, putting together 11 disciplines previously executed in 10 different countries and more than 25 sites, including plants, distribution centers and administrative offices.

Now P&G has more than 1,600 professionals in administration, accounting, finance, information technology, engineering, logistics, sourcing, among others.