P&G Venezuela


In 1947, the initiative of an importer brought to Venezuela for the first time the legendary detergent brand ACE, which continues to be, nowadays, category leader. In 1948, an International Division was created to control the increasing demand of our products worldwide. That same year, operations began in Mexico, which became the first Latin American subsidiary. Therefore, the vision of taking our innovative products to all the people in the continent resulted in the opening of offices in Venezuela by 1950, stepping in South America for the first time. Later, in 1952, the first operation plant of the country was opened.

The big step was given in 1957, when the organizational structure of P&G Venezuela grew with the establishment of a new department; Product Research and Development, with the objective of studying consumer habits, and their preferences to develop new alternatives to cover their needs. Thus, in 1969 we launched Ariel detergent and continued growing over the years. By 1981, a new modern plant was opened in Barquisimeto for the continuous growth and demand of detergent, along with P&G´s values of innovation, technology, and environmental care, which translated into the introduction of new products, and a water treatment plant.

Nowadays, we continue with high quality production in two plants, and we hold the Caracas Technical Center, managing the Research and Development for the LA region, adapting and creating the best products for our consumers.  P&G Venezuela is an important part of the P&G LA history, based on continuous hard work, always committed to the high quality standards of our products, present today all across the continent and the world.

Besides committing to our success in the market, P&G Venezuela started to care for social solidarity projects very early, especially in education and health, dealing directly with the institutions. In the present, the employees and the company contribute highly with social initiatives that improve and create a positive impact on families and children in need all over the country, especially by bonding and setting alliances with organizations that assist people in need throughout the years.